The Bulldog Booster Club is your way to participate and demonstrate your support for our student-athletes. An active, involved booster club is essential in the educational economic environment for financial viability of our athletic efforts. Without YOU, the likelihood of success on the playing fields is greatly diminished. Booster Club Members are an important part of our team.

PCC presently fields teams in Baseball, Basketball, Softball and Volleyball, competing in Region X of the National Junior College Athletic Association.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the PCC Bulldog Booster Club, listed below are the different levels of memberships we have to offer:

General Membership 1 $65.00 Bulldog Booster Pass for (1) Adult to all PCC Home Games

General Membership 2 $100.00 Bulldog Booster Passes for (2) Adults to all PCC Home Games

Family Membership $125.00 Bulldog Booster Passes for (4) Adults to all PCC Home Games

*Top Dog Membership** $400.00 (Box Seating) Bulldog Booster Passes for (6) Adults to all PCC Home Games (You will also receive box seat and a box sign with this membership)

*Baseball specific box seating**

Memberships will not cover admission fees to tournaments that PCC hosts or participate.



Home Phone:____________________________________________________


Sport of Choice: Baseball_____ Basketball_____ Softball____ Volleyball____

Memberships: General Membership 1 $65.00 _______ Family Membership $125.00 _______

General Membership 2 $100.00 ______ Top Dog Membership $400.00 _______


Please make checks payable to: Bulldog Booster Club

Mail Payment to: Pitt Community College Athletics

c/o Dawn Manning, Athletic Department

PO Drawer 7007 Greenville, NC 27835